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Hart Optical takes care of all eye-wear needs. Simply bring in your prescription and choose from a selection of more than 1,200 frames including our new Titanium line. Special frames can be ordered from almost any brand. Hart Optical can provide regular eye glasses, sunglasses, reading glasses and special "T" lenses.

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Drop your glasses off for quality repairs and adjustments at reasonable prices. All work done in-house.

TITANIUM - "Twice the Strength, Half the Weight!"

TITANIUM - ti*ta*ni*um, noun.

A silvery gray metallic element (symbol Ti, atomic number 22, atomic mass 47.90) resembling iron. It is widely distributed as compounds but difficult to extract. It is often added various steel alloys and used as a structural material in jet engines, missiles, etc because of its heat resistant qualities. [From the Greek Titanes, the Titans]


Features Advantages
Strength Sturdy, maintains adjustment
Durable Long lasting, excellent safety frame
Lightweight Comfortable
Noncorrosive Resilent to skin acidity
Hypoallergenic No skin reaction
Heat resistant Retains shape
Beta titanium alloy Flexible, less breakage
Multiple Colors Cosmetically appealing

A Brief History:

Titanium has long been the material of choice of high-tech industries for essential rocket, airplane, submarine, high-speed train, ship, and race-car parts, as well as medical/surgical instruments.

Around 1985-6, the eyewear industry noticed the increased usage of titanium in these markets and its acknowledged superiority to other metals and began utilizing the material for frames.

In Japan today, 50% of all metal frames dispensed are made of titanium. Industry sources estimate that 18-25% of the U.S. eyeglass market is now wearing one of several forms of titanium frame. In Europe and the United States titanium is positioned to be the predominant frame material in the near future. As patients demand lighter weight, more durable frames, and their concerns over nickel allergies grow, titanium will continue to expand its position on the frame board.

Titanium is the perfect metal to use!

From a health point of view, titanium is the perfect metal to use - it is hypoallergenic and noncorrosive. Its durability is unsurpassed. Titanium is double the strength of stainless steel but almost half its weight. Beta titanium is being used on parts of the frames - bridges, endpieces, temples - at an increasing rate because it affords greater flexibility and durability. Manufacturers are offering titanium frames in different price ranges as a way to meet all eyeglass wearers' needs.

Factors Affecting Cost

  • Raw material costs nearly 3 times that of nickel/silver or monel
  • A separate production line with special tooling is required
  • Pressing tools used to work the titanium require sharpening & resetting 20-25 times more often than those used for conventional frame materials
  • Special welding technique called "Spot Soldering" is necessary. This process requires soldering temperatures over 1600 degrees F. in side an oxygen-free, vacuum chamber.
  • Special galvanizing process needed before the gold plating and coloring processes
  • Spoilage and rejects over the entire manufacturing process can run as high as 20%

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