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Michael Emerson & Charles Hart
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Hart Optical Company of La Mesa is a personalized, customer-oriented business where attention and care of customers has the highest priority. It caters to both adults and children. Practicing in the same La Mesa Location since 1974, Charles Hart started the firm, but is now semi-retired. Michael Emerson purchased the company and is carrying on in the same "CUSTOMER-FIRST" tradition. Charles started as an optician over 45 years ago and Michael has over 22 years experience as an optician.

Our Professional Ideals

It's great that everyone is moving towards recognizing the value Opticians provide and how important our role is in the delivery of eye care. Whether you see an Ophtamologist or an Optometrist, what kind of Health Plan you participate in or how you plan on getting your prescription filled, the person who orders, interprets and delivers the product to you with the proper instructions on how to use the eyewear is the most important link in the eye care delivery system. Independent Opticians are your best resource.

Why is this so important? Here is one example. Recently journalists, both locally and nationally, examined the quality of eyewear that was delivered to the public. Secret shoppers discovered that 80-100% of the time failure to meet industry standards were found. The ANSI standard already warns consumers that one in four will be out of the standard range. These staggering finding by the media should be a wake up call, for your own protection. You would be wise to consult with an independent Optician. Professional Opticians, like the ones you will find at Hart Optical Company, are the only hope of improving the delivery and quality of products and service given to the public. Hart Optical Company has been carrying the torch of quality for 29 years in La Mesa.

We would like you to consider Hart Optical Company for your eye care needs in the future. Our dedication to quality and service is backed by years of experience and continuing education. It takes this knowledge and the necessary application skills to connect the science and art of Opticianry to offer you the best for your eyes. Accurate prescriptions filled and fitted properly is not only what you should receive, but what you deserve. Hart Optical is dedicated to giving you the best individual attention for your eye care needs.

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